Saturday, October 3, 2015

She pushed the truck before breakfast

Not Linda, though she'd totally be up for it, if necessary, if I wasn't around to be put to work.

No, I have some tough friends. Some of them were out running a half marathon today. In the windy, rainy, snowy cold. It was just barely above zero. A crappy day for running, and I've been out in some crappy days, and know crappy when I see it. I had been considering signing up for this, and I'm glad I didn't.

But one buddy earned a PR! Yay! Several others buddies were out in their own inimitable way, running with friends, lighting up the course with a smile, and generally making the best of it. Michelle, Amy, and me stood, tinkled our cow bells, and waved. In the rainy snowy cold.

The idea was we would meet up, cheer, then go for breakfast. Amy forgot herself and ended up having to push her truck on the way to Michelle's. Not running out of gas, other issues. You know what they say about the shoe-maker's kids... The rest went according to plan. It's really nice to chat over a delicious breakfast, especially if you've "earned" it.

Here's the only race photo I got. Too many runners going by in a blur, figuring that the sooner they finished, the sooner they would be dry and warm again.

Calgary is lovely this time of year, when it isn't raining or snowing. Most of the trees go various shades of yellow and gold, which I quite like. But our tree is special, going reddish, though it looks orange. Reminds me a little of the brilliant colours of the maple trees in Ontario.

I got that photo just before a short ride up and around the reservoir. It might be the last day nice enough to get out for a bike ride this year, but you never know these things. The bike ride didn't need to be fast, so I was trying to spin out my legs, and work it going up hill. Which there are some good ones. The scenery was spectacular, so it's good I wasn't in a rush. I cruised along, dodging geezers, dogs, and admired the one mom working it up a hill, towing one of those kid carriers behind her. Just under 25 K, just under 1:10. It says average speed was 21.5 KPH, which is good, considering the speed limit is 20KPH, and only 10 in some places. By the time I got back it was starting to cloud over, and shortly later the wind was howling, bringing the afore mentioned rain and snow.

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  1. As I've said before...being married to a mechanic isn't all it's cracked up to be ;) It was great to see you again!!


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