Thursday, October 29, 2015

Planning for 2K

It's going to be special, I tell you! Though I don't know that I'll do a birthday cake/fruit flan thingie like I did for 1000.

As a hint, this one is 1.995K.  I'm already planning for it. I could even be persuaded to do the AMA thing again, if I get good questions. You can even ask the cats something, but I don't guarantee a reply.

Wednesday was a complete zoom. The swim started with 6 of us in a 50 m lane, then 2 fast swimmers joined and a couple people left. As the fast swimmers passed me I tried to hang in their draft but that didn't last long. I passed a couple of the other swimmers when I could. All in all it turned out to be a pretty good swim. 1K 19 minutes. 4 x 100 HARD, 100 m backstroke cooldown.

Having coffee and breakfast after, still at the pool, I chuckled watching a guy in swim fins thrashing and flopping trying to keep up with one of the medium speed swimmers. Then the chick in the next lane started to pass him, just cruising along, and I nearly snorted out coffee as he redoubled his efforts. Lots more splash but he wasn't going any faster.

I had lunch bought for me! So nice and thoughtful. I don't get out as much at lunchtime as I should, and it was a beautiful day to walk to the restaurant. Real food even, not food court cheapie.

My buddy Murray is leaving Penn West to go to IHS. We worked together for a couple years on a particular project. It's a useful app, but it got cuff off in it's infancy, and they're going to decommission it soon. This is the life of a contractor. We do stuff. They pay us. It's their business what they do with what we built, but it's sad to see such effort evaporating. But I got paid, that's what's important out of this.

Yoga got cancelled. I collapsed in a heap. Today zoomed by just as fast, but I ran after work. It's odd. The other day was a near magical 7K run. Today was a 4K slog. It wasn't quite wanting to quit every step, but I felt slow and heavy. It turned out to be 4K, 28:15, so not that far off my pace the other day, but I was sure working a lot harder! Here it is Oct 30, and I was running in shorts! This can't go on much longer.

So, upcoming blog, you have about a week for AMA. Or if there's something you'd like to see, say so. Leave a comment. Tweet me @keithcartmell or leave a comment on Facebook if we're friends. That ought to be enough ways to contact me.

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  1. So glad to learn you didn't really collapse literally in the swim the other day. 2K blog suggestion seed planted.


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