Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Now or MUCH later

You get a quicky.

I go nearly a month without comments, then four on Monday's Runner High post. Love it! Thanks for the comments. I know most of you read on mobile now, and Blogger is mobile unfriendly. If if you know of a trick or setting I should do, please tell me. I love comments.

Since then.
Swam Tuesday. Kind of crappy, slow, with my flukes waving ineffectually. The high point was as I was stretching on the side of the pool. Some swim club kids are coming in and beginning to warm up on deck. One girl comes in, total bed head, wearing what I would swear was pajamas. She got a bit of teasing.

Tuesday after work I was feeling a bit sluggish. After a light dinner, sitting there, held down by cats, I got a text, telling me that the registration price goes up this weekend for GWN half iron. That did it, I struggled to my feet, shedding cats, and plodded downstairs.

In fact the spin was pretty good. Nothing dramatic, 30 minutes of easy spin. Just enough to wake up my legs and get the blood going again, but not so much I'd be a puddle of worn out sweat, too awake and worked up to sleep.

Worked like a charm. Slept like a rock, and my legs feel great this morning. Busy day ahead. Gotta go.


  1. Since you like comments, I'll give you one :-). I'm a long-time lurker on your corner of the internet. I really enjoy your blog, especially for the swimming insight. I'm determined to become a "real" swimmer - maybe next season. Right now, I'm more of a splasher and can only finish 100 whole yards at this point including breaks at each length :-). But I really do want to build up my endurance so that swimming is a key part of my fitness routine. Unfortunately, and ironically, I live in NE Florida, and there are very few indoor pools, so our swimming season is actually coming to a close pretty soon. So I may need to wait until spring to really "dive in" so to speak. Anyway, keep up the good work on your blog. Oh, and I also love cats and Alberta seems super pretty. Two thumbs up from Florida . . .

    1. Thanks for the comment and kind words! Stay tuned, there might be some swim video coming. We've been talking about it...


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