Monday, October 12, 2015

We turned back at the bog

I celebrated this morning, in a quiet way. What's the occasion, you ask? I was in bed for 13.5 hours, and I was asleep for almost all of it. I haven't done that for many many years. The long swim yesterday and the hours of socializing must have really taken it out of me. The sleepless night yesterday didn't help.

After a quiet morning, my feet were feeling itchy for a run, but I didn't want to run on the bike path locally. Then I remembered the trails near the Glenmore reservoir that I ran with Sophia and Michelle a while ago. A brief text had Michelle all excited in a trail running way, and we met up near the sailing school. It was exactly what I was looking for.

We ducked off the bike path as soon as we could and ran along the water. It was perfect! Little ups and down over bits of hill, zig zags, tree roots to hop over, fallen tree branches to duck under, constantly varying pace. We weren't trying to run fast. We chatted happily about stuff, dodged a few other walkers, and enjoyed the beauty of the day. Sunny and warm, but not hot, running through different kinds of forest. Some of it is evergreen, some looks like aspen, birch, or larch.

It ended up being 7.5 K of fun and just over an hour. At one point we explored down a path heading north, and paused where it got boggy. We carried on a very little bit, then turned around when we saw this.

We didn't need to run through bog. We could of if we had to, I suppose, but it doesn't look like much fun. Well, I suppose it could be fun, for a while, till someone gets sucked under, or it comes time to get back into the car. Sometimes, life is like that. You have to run through the bog, and you try to get through it as best you can. Other times life is running along well marked trails, enjoying the scenery, waving or saying hi to the people you meet along the way.

After a long stretch session we settled in for the formal Thanksgiving dinner. Quail, spuds, veggies, with pumpkin spiced creme brulee ice cream. All so yummy! I'm sitting here with a cat purring on my lap, contemplating life. Yes, I know my typing posture on the laptop sucks, due to not wanting to disturb Curtis. How can I disturb this?

Life is good. Even if the long expected happens at work tomorrow, it's still good.

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  1. What a nice run. I was surprised how many people were out and about on those trails! No slogging through the bog for us this time.


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