Friday, August 15, 2014

Swim training fun

Sort of by accident on short notice, it worked out I could swim with a buddy that had wanted some feedback. We decided on Talisman, and it was no real surprise to also meet up with my buddy Katie that I water run with. We chatted a bit, and then got on with it.

I had thought about this a bit, and wanted to break it down into small steps, depending on how it went. After a bit of water running, and proving that floating worked, I took some swim video. This will be a great starting point to see progress.

From there we worked through body position in the water, breathing to alternate sides, and starting to work on stroke a bit. My buddy is a champ, and absorbed it all. The test swim after was much, much better.

This was fun in lots of ways for me. Swimming for me is a very cerebral activity. I'm not bored in the slightest swooshing up and down the pool. Part of the time I can be thinking about something else entirely, and some of the time I'm concentrating on my swim. Thinking about how to express that to another person was very interesting.

I didn't actually get to swim much, other than demoing want I wanted done, but that was fine.

In other fitness news I was somehow joined into a plank a day group. I'm up to a minute and 45 seconds, bathed in sweat. This is pretty good for me. I think I topped out at about 2.5 minutes at my best. It will be interesting to see if I can do better.

My back is still kind of stiff if I try to rush it. As long as I move slow and easy, all is fine.

No progress on the novel synopsis in brackets, but I've been thinking about it. You guys will be the first to hear.

Big day tomorrow at the Glenbow for the Dali exhibit!

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  1. You are a great teacher Keith. I agree with Amy... maybe you should think of coaching. :)


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