Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ok, so I screamed like a little girl

This morning I didn't really think about the cupping my massage therapist did yesterday. There was a small tender spot on the back of my thigh that looks like it had been scraped. I thought about it very loudly after getting into the shower this morning! I hope I didn't wake the neighbours. Like nipple chafe, only worse. This evening it's much better, seems to be fully scabbed over. The other spots just look like they got a bit of sun.

My legs felt good enough to try running in the new Altras again. This time I really did shut off the WiFi in my phone and got a much more reasonable looking pace line on my graph. My legs felt great during the run, with only the smallest of twinges. Normally I'd have kept on running, but with breaking in new shoes I want to take it easy. I could feel my feet getting a bit tired, and some of the twinges were in odd places. I really do have trouble running at a steady pace without my run buddy.

Afterward I stretched and used my new gear roller. Feels so good, and digs so deep!

As I was walking home I discovered that either one of my neighbours has won the lottery, or has rich friends. In the photo this looks like a nice yellow, but in fact it's a neon green. I'm reasonably certain that If the top was up I couldn't get into it, and with the top down once in, I wouldn't be able to get back out again.


  1. Ah, a massage roller - got it! I certainly wouldn't have guessed that from yesterday's picture :)

    My Garmin showed me that I had run 5K in England - seems the satellites are a bit wonky out this way!!

    1. Well, I deliberately took the shot to emphasize the gears, and minimize the handles. If I'd had a few more minutes I'd have run it through Snapseed to try to get a more metallic appearance.

      5K in England, wow! And home so soon.


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