Monday, August 25, 2014

squid marks from sleeping funny

Sunday was a zoom with book club friends coming over. A book club isn't really quite the right word, it's more of a social club. I had finished the one book, but nobody else read that one, and I hadn't read the one that two other people really liked. At the moment I'm totally spacing on the next book. And we forgot to set a date for the next meeting.

I was feeling pretty good, though I was gradually getting creakier and creakier as the day went on. Then getting up today was a thoughtful process. I think I had contorted myself into an odd position while sleeping. My hams and back were so tight, and my neck was so stiff I could barely do shoulder checks driving to work.

The swim was nothing to write home about. Short with some extra stretching. I was so looking forward to my massage, and since she just got a cupping certificate, we were going to try that.

She told me a couple of them really spucked on and I might get some bruising. The one just above my knee looks like I had a bit of a scrape happening. It's a really odd feeling. Massage is mostly compression, with a bit of cross-ways striation happening, but this is actually suction. One can pull the muscles up and around a bit, and I think it's all good. I'll have to check tomorrow to see if there are any other marks like a giant squid tried to drag me under for dinner.

I do have to admit I went into the massage very tight, and I'm feeling much better now. She really worked over the hams, and the tops of my shoulders. I have no idea why any of that was tight.

I forgot the chocolate! Linda had brought home some high end chocolate a couple weeks ago. The ingredients list is very sparse. You might have to turn the photos sideways and embiggen them to read the very, very short ingredient list. It was all wonderful. The ginger, and the mocha were excellent, and the Habanero had a very nice bit of zing. In comparison the Madagascar was a bit bland, but only in comparison. They were all excellent, even if the plastic wrapping required an actual tool to open.

One never knows in Calgary, but this might well be my last evening this year sitting out on the back patio, drinking wine and writing, while wearing only shorts and a T shirt. We have been loving the new back yard! Like so many other things, we should have done it long ago.

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