Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mid-week working vacation day with a DONE!

Such a productive day! It went zoom, but I got so much done.

Swim and water run for about 45 minutes altogether. Stretched in the pool for a while. Water feel was pretty good considering how little I've been swimming.

Visiting the famous Dr Macdonald. The ART was so good. The back crickle crackle wasn't too alarming, and it all felt really good.

Home, started staining the last coat on the lodge. This is the clear coat with UV protection and stuff. Fortunately it goes on much quicker than the white layer did. Much. It took about 5 hours in two goes to wait for the sun to move around so I could stain in shade.

A run in the hot sun. Lovely. 30 minutes, 4.5 K. Fairly steady pace. I've decided that the Runmeter elevations are truly whacked. So much so I'm wondering what the point is. In the half K stretch or so along 24 St, it showed elevation changes of up to 10 m, which is more than 30 feet. This is a flat road, people, slightly downhill.

My next door neighbor chanced to see me running, and said I was awful slow. My response was that I was out in the heat, and still moving.

Lunch. Errands. Bison Burgers. More lodge staining, and DONE!!!! At last. But now there's a fence...

Then drinking wine while working on my novel, looking at a couple of scenes, and trying to think critically about if they are really necessary. They still are, though maybe they can be shortened. Blogged. Looke at the plants Linda rescued from a buddy.

Time for bed.

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