Friday, November 23, 2012

The epitome of datiness

My snack at work this week have been dates. I found these organic dates at the Kingsland Market. They are amazing! I just love dates, and these are perfect. Just the right degree of chewiness and yummy datiness. It reminds me of the elusive perfect date square. So far the best in my life has been, believe it or not, from a Winks store in Whitecourt, Alberta. Yes, truly. The ones from Yum Bakery in Calgary Farmers market are a pretty close second, and the drive is much shorter.

Friday morning. A bit of a skip in the schedule of life. We are having some new doors and windows installed today, so I'm playing hooky from work to keep an eye on things. Front door, door to the garage, back door, and the two narrow dining room windows. All are original to the house. All have needed replacing for a while. Failing seals and warped doors let in drafts and keys that are getting sticky aren't much fun. There was a minor goof in that all the locks were not keyed the same, but we'll work that out.

Curtis is helping me write this blog. The backspace key is getting a workout. Which I'm not. The installer is here soon. There are a couple of things to get done before he arrives. Once he's on the job I should be able to sneak downstairs for a ride. It's supposed to warm up so I'll run later this afternoon.

The other odd part of the day is Linda's sister Kelly is here. She is in Calgary for a training course that wrapped up yesterday. Last night we went up to the best Indian restaurant in town, The Clay Oven, for a wonderful meal. There are leftovers for lunch today. She and Linda will be out rampaging the markets today. Or something. The wise among you will keep a weather eye out. I'm just saying.

Since Tuesday.  Swam Wed morning 45 minutes. Very nice, if a bit slow in the 50 m pool. Yoga in the evening. Good, but hard. I was dubious about bending over and being able to reach my toes in less than about 5 minutes. My hips were still kind of creaky. So pretty well the first thing is a folding tree. I've been pretty good at tree lately, but this was a tree in a gusty windstorm. The falling was easy, the bending was not.

After a big meal (I defy you to have a small meal there!) Thursday evening, there was no way I was getting on my bike. That would have been bad.

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