Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forcible cuddling

We don't have much time between getting home from work, and leaving for yoga class, but I was determined to spend part of it cuddling a cat. He wasn't so keen on the idea, but came around and purred loudly. A very comforting sound.

Bailed on swimming this morning. Not totally sure why, but the state of my back and hip flexors might have something to do with it. I need to remind myself that next race season is a long way off, and I don't need to beat myself up now, even though I do want to be working on cardio base, and some specific skills.

Seems like going to yoga is always the same. I don't want to go. It's cold outside, and warm inside. Then I get there and settle in, and coming home I'm happy I went. Tonight was a happy tree, along with lots of other stuff.

Still working on the Sportchek prize, right now I'm leaning towards some winter running tights. Linda gently hinted that some flat weight plates would not be a good Xmas present. I was surprised how expensive they were.

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  1. You know, I coerced the Great Dane, Schultz, on to the bed a few nights ago. He never cuddles me, but loves to lay near my husband. You know what? He let me snuggle/spoon him for AN HOUR. It was wonderful. He's never snuggly like that, so I just soaked it all in. He is so sweet and so warm, and he talks less than my husband. lol.

    Tried again last night and all I got were growls, hesitation and him leaving about 2 minutes later. (the dog, not the husband).

    I'm the same way with yoga. Hardest part is getting out the door, then I ALWAYS feel better afterward.


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