Monday, November 19, 2012

So, short is good?

Golly, that last post is the most popular thing I've published in quite a while. In 24 hours it has nearly cracked the all time top ten. It took the boobs rant quite a while to hit the top ten, though now it's the second most read post.

So what conclusions do I draw? Either Blogger stats are playing with my head, or my readers are perverts that like shortness better than boobs. So screw you Blogger stats. I'll believe in my readers.

Swam 45 minutes this morning. Warmup, some pull and dolphin kick, and a bunch of intervals. I lost count. Under 50 seconds, starting every 60. I did a dozen or so. For a while the guy beside me was doing a breast stroke that was almost as fast as my freestyle. Kept me honest. The water felt thin and hard to get a grip on.

The work day went really fast. BBQ some chicken once home, which is hard in the wind. I actually ended up wearing too much for my run. I thought it was cold out, and windy, but it was actually well above freezing, and the wind died down a bit during my run.

I'm not quite sure what to think of it. The run felt clunky and slow, and my legs were heavy. I didn't want it to be fast, I was thinking steady 7 minute K, nice and easy to work my legs and get the blood moving. Yet when I looked at my run meter graph, my pace was all over the place. I don't think my speed varied that much, but you never know. 5 K, 35 minutes. Plus a warmup and cool down walk. Stretched really good after.

I'd rant about the woman in the elevator that screwed up 6 other people with the most amazing display I've ever seen, but then this would get too long and you wouldn't read it. Would you?

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