Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am a clunker

Things have been generally going very well, but Tuesday was a much needed rest day. I'd been starting to feel a bit run down, and my swim times had begun to slip. That happens, and it was about time. So Tuesday I rested.

I felt like crap on Wednesday. Stiff, tired, sore, cranky, half asleep, and it didn't get much better at work chewing through an enormous spreadsheet. It was a long day. I was looking forward to yoga.

There I was, gradually getting into it. Then we were doing this seated pose, no idea what it's called. Seated on the floor, moving our torsos around in a big circle. I started going forward, around to my left, back, then around on my right going forward when I started feeling some pressure in my hip. It felt like a solid ball was underneath the joint. I wriggled a little trying to get past it. There was an enormous CLUNK! I felt it from my head to my toes. It wasn't painful, just very dramatic in an internal meaty sort of way.

I very cautiously went around again, with much the same experience, but not quite as bad. Sort of like changing gears in a car with bad U bolts and a worn clutch. The other way wasn't much better. At least there was no snoring in savasana.

This was another case where I wasn't eager to go to yoga, but I'm glad I did, even if I was still a bit full from the fruit smoothie supper.

Let's see how the swim goes tomorrow. Let's just hope Linda doesn't trade the clunker in for a younger model.

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