Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not sweaty enough, she sneered. TWSS!

Part way through my walk into work this morning I realized my left hip was feeling very creaky. Gradually through the day I thought the office was getting cooler and cooler, and my hip was getting crankier. Even after putting on a sweater, and accidentally clicking my hip only made things better temporarily, and it still wasn't right.

Once home, and a little while after a nice meal I headed down for a really good stretching and rollering session. And the softball, let's not forget that. Just there. And there. Ohhhhhhhhh. There never was a click during any of the gentle twists, and it's probably just as well.

I was on the bike for a gentle spin session for an hour altogether. I stopped in the middle to stretch and twist a bit more. It was all good and I'm walking normally again, for now. However, Celina was not happy with me. She was watching me on the bike, and gave me a sniff as I got off. She made it clear this was not acceptable.

My buddy David sent me an email the other day. He is now signed up for IMAZ next year. He and I used to work together, in fact he was my manager for a while. His story is pretty amazing to get to where he has completed several half IM's, and is now signed up for the full monty. He's been added to my blog roll, and I'll be following his progress.

So far the one cup of coffee a day thing is going pretty well.

I'm watching the by-election in Calgary Centre with great interest. It is my fondest wish to see the Conservative candidate go down in flames, unlikely as that might be. But the polling is really interesting, and the Green candidate has some of the same people that powered Nenshi into the Mayor's office. Plus that riding is as progressive as Calgary comes. My reasoning is that the last thing we need is another butt-boy for Harper. He has enough of those already. The candidates main statement "I'll be there to do whatever Harper tells me to do." Just what we need.

There is a risk that the left of centre vote will be split and the Conservative will sneak up the middle. Without any shame she will then claim to have a mandate, even it is as little as 20% of the actual vote. Sanctimonious lying bastards! There was a clip on the news with a PMO aid telling a Minister of the Crown what to say, and it was a lie. There had been a clerical error that had been corrected, and it was known at the time of the press conference that the Minister was going to speak at. He parroted his lines like a robot. HTF do we get rid of these people? I want to start getting a bullhorn at these events, to shout "LIAR" after every Conservative statement.

Oh, and the Short Weekend, Short Post is now firmly ensconced in the all time top 10. Not even in last place. My readers never cease to amaze me.

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