Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I won! I won!

Work has been having this contest going over the last couple months to log your steps. They gave us a pedometer, and a goal of 10,000 steps a day. I was very diligent about logging my steps, as well as my other activities. You know, swimming, biking (on the trainer) and running. I typically walked between 3 and 5 thousand steps a day. Some days were more.

It turns out that walking is the crap way to accumulate steps. An hour of running is about 21000 steps, an hour of swimming is 10800, and I think an hour of biking is 18000 or so. My average over 2 months was over 20,000 steps a day.

Today we got our reward, a $100 gift card to Sportchek, a local store that sells all sorts of sports equipment. I haven't been in a Sportchek in a very long time so I had no idea what they sell. Beyond sports stuff, of course.

Well. A Garmin 910 called out to me as soon as I walked in the store, with a GoPro joining the chorus. I'm not really sure how much I actually need either of those. I browsed around the store and wandered back to work. I've done a bit more browsing on their web site. They don't have the cool roller that Leana found. Some of their prices seem a little high, but then, I'm not really intending to spend more than $100, or not much more.

So my question to you is, what bit of fitness related equipment do you get really great use out of? What would you add to your home gym? Would you go for apparel, assuming there is something that fits?

In other news I did a really good stretch session followed by a short easy spin session. My low back was feeling a bit cranky, and lateral bends to the left are ouch. Things loosened up.

Playing with Flickr.


  1. fine, if you are not going to invest in a purple insulated north face jacket as previously suggested...then i guess i would go for a bosu ball as my next choice. unfortunately i don't believe sport chek carries them...hmmm...

  2. This is always my problem with gift cards. If I don't have one, there are about 100 things I could use. Once I get the gift card, nothing seems worth the money.

    So flicker appears to be working for you... I've been toying with trying to find somewhere to store my pics, too.

  3. I once got a gift cert for Chinook Mall, any merchant. Biggest mall in Calgary. Many merchants. It took me hours to spend. That was before there was an Apple store, of course. Still checking Flickr out. I had an old Yahoo account it was being fussy about. Still need to go back and check out my settings and if there is an easier way. They gave me some html to copy to get the pic of Celina here. But if you click on the pic, you get taken back to a yahoo login. So if I forget to log out, I'm pretty sure that anyone else will get the login screen, but do want to check it out.

  4. I already have lots of jackets and outerwear, though I admit none of them are purple. You need to have a vibrant electric personality to wear purple, and as you all know, in person I'm a dull drab shadow of my blog personality.

  5. Of course you need a garmin 910. It's just plain awesome. Although, I have to admit that my 910 recently went wonky and I'm about to get a warranty replacement... They're more then $100 anyways.

    At sport chek, I'd probably go for either shoes or clothes. Maybe some new swim goggles, if you need them? Or sunglasses?

  6. I've been thinking about going for a new pair of winter running tights. And maybe another pair of gloves. The Garmin does tempt me though, and without the iPhone and Runmeter, I'd probably do it.


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