Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reno followup

Friday was a cold cold day with huge openings in the house, supervising people installing windows and doors. It took a long time. For a while I had thought that I'd be able to sneak in a bike ride, but realized there were going to be periodic questions, and going from the warm basement to the very cold rest of the house, wearing sweaty bike gear wasn't going to be fun. Saturday they were back to finish up the outside trim and caulking.

The two windows replaced you would never know unless we told you. They are nearly identical to the old ones, just nearly 30 years newer, and (presumably) with functional seals. The door to the garage is white instead of brown. The back door has a window in it. But the big change is the front door. Check it out.

Well crap! It says I've used a GB of space and I need to buy more before I can upload more photos. This is the first I've heard of a photo limit on blogger. I'll have to check it out. Anyone else run into this?

So while I think about it, we have 3 links. The inside. The light pattern. The outside. I'm sorry, you'll just have to click on them, and they are 1.4 to 2 MB files, so you might not want to click them over a cell data line. These are in my drop box account, but I'm not sure I want to do this as a permanent solution. Any suggestions?

We spent today cleaning up and putting things back where they belong. Yes, they cleaned, but not like we would, and the rest of the floors needed doing anyway. I also installed a new mailbox, and took the numbers off the old door and moved them to the garage. No idea if they are visible at night or not. The astute of you will notice the wires hanging out. We totally spaced on the doorbell, but found a really cool one that matches the door handle set.

Saturday night was a fun blogger meet up. I had only met Leana before, but the evening was fun. Leigh had a ton of yummy food.

Sunday afternoon I was on my bike for 2 hours, mostly easy spin, but with some moderate effort spin ups. Mainly to relax and flush out my legs. Then a massage pummeling. Time for bed.

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  1. Hey, I got that same message tonight when I was uploading things. I went through and deleted some pictures that I never used but uploaded... there's a Picassa account linked to the blog. I had 567 photos in it. I don't see how that would be 1GB, though, as I usually shrink them down before I upload them, and the average size is about 300K.

    Sounds suspicious. I wonder if Blogger (Google) is using it as a sneaky way to start charging for service.

    P.S. The door looks nice, by the way. I need new windows.


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