Sunday, February 5, 2012

Swim interrupted

Saturday morning swim in a crowded pool. I guess there was going to be a swim meet or something, and they had to shuffle us regular people around. I wasn't willing to wait, so I settled for being interrupted in the middle.

Started with 1 K warmup nice and easy, 19:10.
Then, channeling Julie, 10 (I think it was 10) x 50 on 70 seconds. I was a bit further away from the clock than I like so I had to squint, plus it's really hard to touch the wall then look hard to the right to find the clock. Times were 48 to 50 seconds, going strong but not all out. The guy I was splitting the lane with thought I was racing him!

Then they kicked us out of that half of the pool. In the other half I did some pull and drill for another half hour or so. More people were coming in so I didn't mind hopping out. From there it was a long day of stuff that had to be done. The treat was at the end of the day, when my wonderful massage therapist showed up and worked me over. It was one of those things where I thought everything was just fine, minor niggles here and there but nothing serious. I don't know why I even tell her this. Her fingers knew better inside a minute. I didn't whimper. Later was watching the first few episodes of Boardwalk Empire. We're liking it a lot so far. I want some of those suits the men wear! Linda stayed up watching when I went to bed so she is now several episodes ahead of me.

Sunday I was all set to get on the bike and go for a run after when Linda reminded me we had a book club meeting. This time was BJ's new home, even though she isn't fully moved in yet. None the less, our book club meetings are very civilized affairs. Coffee to start. Then later, wine. Lasagne with garlic bread and low salt scones that were all delicious. Trying to nibble that down while the greyhounds are expressing interest in helping with that task is interesting. We talked about Game of Thrones, which is a reading in progress for all of us. I find I can't read it in short chunks, and I don't seem to have many long chunks of time anymore.

Once home I got on the bike.
Longish warmup with some spin exercises.
15 minutes at "endurance" pace, the book calls it, then rest a few easy pedal. At this pace I can still just breath through my nose, occasionally sucking in drops of sweat.
30 minutes at "tempo" pace, the book calls it. 90% of FTP, then a few minutes easy pedal.
Then, because I was feeling strong, I decided to try just beyond FTP, and see how long I could go without getting into the retaste zone.
10 minutes at just over 200 watts. Yay! I might be able to do 20 minutes of this, but I might need a bucket at the end.
Cool down. Stretch.

Any of my readers know anything about concrete spalling?


  1. Concrete spalling? I think that's when you wait around for someone to leave after laying concrete (do you LAY concrete?) and then inconspicuously leave a handprint, a curse word, a heart or something like K+L=<3.

  2. You pour concrete. Then play with it to get it all smooth. If there's lots of it, you have to use a vibrator on it. The handprint is optional. We have some cat foot prints in our patio. Spalling is one of the mechanisms for concrete to fall apart.

    Spalling is one of those words that sounds lewd, for some reason.

  3. Talk to Kris, he knows a lot more than he ever wanted. You know the horrible consequences after...but I seem to think in your case may not be so bad. It's probably better to talk to Kris since I really don't know what's I'm talking about....

  4. Nice swim Keith!! :) And spalling does not only sound lewd, but your description with words like "play with it" and "vibrator" are too. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Keith -- have you seen your cousin Fraser on youtube?

    I've been meaning to email you the link -- every time I log into my youtube account the past few days it was coming up.

  6. What do you want to know about spalling? My husband is a contractor and does a lot of concrete work. He's always saying "There's two kinds of concrete... concrete that's broke and concrete that's fixin' to break." I'm sure he knows a thing or two about spalling. Or is that a joke question? Sometimes shit flies right over my head...

  7. Wasn't a joke question. See the photo in my Feb 7 blog. Stalking the wild cookie.

  8. I've shown him, and he didn't have any comment. It something different than the issues you had. Which is a good thing.


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