Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ipad blogging by the pool

I had to turn up the brightness to I could see the screen. And put on lots of sunscreen, let's not forget that.

Yesterday was hang out and relax by the pool. Today was a bit of that. We had thought of going snorkeling but it was really windy again. Warm, but windy, so we walked down this trail that used to be a railway line. Pity about the tank farm in the middle of it so you have to detour around, but there is no gas industry here, and there is a bazillion motor scooters. We were gone about three hours, scoping out two forts along the way. A very nice walk, much of it right on the ocean. We swam in the pool a bit, then dried off in the sun. This is the life.

Then shopping for some odds and ends, like sunscreen. SPF 85!!!! Spray on wet or dry. Love it. Need it, as the weird almost sunburn patterns attest.

If one has to work, then this is the way to do it. By the pool. Using iPad. The wifi signal is better here than in our rooms. I got an email asking permission to present me to a potential client and for some details about my experience, so that was actually fun to write up. I really hope they want to interview me, and not just because its the next step to a contract. But to show them the view. Then i was writing up this post, though it's beginning to cool down a bit. Linda has a photo, which I'll put on Facebook, since I haven't troubled how to get photos from the phone to the iPad. iCloud is still a mystery to me.

Maybe snorkeling tomorrow. There are lamb kebabs to go on the BBQ, and wine to be opened.

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  1. SPF 85 is awesome. You can even get 100 SPF here in Calgary, but not everyone else it and besides, some scientists think it's misleading.
    But I'm always on the lookout for the highest SPF possible; I don't care.

    You are making us VARY jealous of your wonderful trip, looks so beautiful and warm. It's cold, snowy and windy basically it sucks. I hope the wind dies down by tomorrow am for my run. And soon....we hope to do something similar. I'll be sure to blog a picture of Kris poolside on his ancient 1st gen iPad when we get there.

  2. Just back from a very nice lunch buffet, only a 5 minute walk from here. Starting to get beach stuff together, that's maybe a 20 minute walk. Calm. Sunny, ranging from just slightly cool to hot, depending on exactly what the clouds and breeze are doing.

  3.'re missing out on the snowy, -22 deg C windchill run with 3 inches of snow everywhere (or more if there's a drift across a path. ;)

  4. I'm not missing it a bit. It's nice when a vacation to somewhere warm coincides with crappy weather at home.


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