Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Plank Sunday. Pushups today. What tomorrow?

It was so good to take a rest day on Monday. I was feeling a bit tired after 3 really good strong workouts in as many days. This is the first time in a very long time I've had a good swim, run, and bike all in a row like that.

The workday was bittersweet, but having a rest made me eager to get on the bike tonight. Before that I did an easy stretch and good core session, including (ta-da!) pushups. I forget the last time I did pushups it's been so long. Imagine my surprise at cranking out 10 of them, with only the last couple getting sloppy.

The bike was a spin variety session, concentrating on being smooth at a wide variety of rpm, never in one place for long. Nothing super fast, and not too long. The intent was to wake up my legs and flush out any remaining fatigue. Mission accomplished. BSG episode was the one where Baltar becomes Vice-President. As if he didn't have enough to do with the blood samples, and Helo figures out the Cylons look like humans.

No, nothing special for Valentines Day. My sweetie knows I love her and I try to do something every day, and not save it up for one day. When I see a guy carrying a huge expensive bouquet of flowers, all I can think of is that he feels very guilty. The bigger the bouquet, the more guilt. There was a huge display at Banker's Hall, yesterday and today. Today's wasn't as nice, but I managed to get a couple photos. If you can't make out the price of the bouquets in the second photo, it's $110. They're beautiful, but eek!

This was taken from the +15 just for fun, trying to capture the beautiful half moon and colour of the dawn sky. The reflections add kind of an interesting touch. 


  1. My husband knows me well - he got my a funny (and slightly naughty) card. He doesn't have any guilt apparently.

  2. I told my husband years ago to never buy me flowers at Valentines. My sister used to work in a flower shop so I'm jaded. The flowers all have their blooms forced (or something like that), so they're horrible quality. Plus they're super high priced. So, the worst quality flowers of the year at the highest price of the year.

  3. That's good, the no guilt thing. But only slightly naughty?

  4. We used to have a buddy that was a florist. We would go in to get her "dead" roses, and they'd last forever. Some of the stories about the industry would make you never buy flowers again. I couldn't believe some of the prices on the bunches on display.


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