Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The long hard yoga sprint

Into the pool this morning knowing it was going to be a good swim, even though I had to share a lane with another person. (Oh the humanity!) We swam at almost exactly the same speed so all was good.

I know I did a 500 m warm up. Then some 50 m sprints. Then some pull. Then some dolphin kick and more pull. Then a couple 100 m sprints. More pull. 100 m backstroke. Felt pretty good. Even if the kids in the next lane made me feel like a geriatric geezer. There I am about 90% for 50 m, and the kid passes me like I'm water running. Whoosh.

Today was the long expected good news at work. Yay me! But most people wouldn't understand.

Yoga was weird tonight. It felt rushed, but I don't think it was really any more so than usually. It just took me a long time to get from pose to pose. A really long time, so I always felt a bit behind. We did a neat set of stretches that I wish I'd written down. I felt very stiff and clunky doing them. Fell asleep in Savasana.

You heard it here first. Mitt Romney will win the nomination and lose the election. “I’m not concerned about the very poor” is not going to impress anyone. There are a great many very poor people in the USA right now, or who are on the verge of being so, and they will not be impressed. The middle class is feeling very poor these days, and when you think that compared to Romney nearly everyone is very poor, it makes you wonder about his priorities. And oddly enough,  it's not going to impress the very wealthy. They happen to be very concerned about the poor, in a perverted sort of way. Concerned that the fraying safety nets is a hammock, or that they are spending money on things the rich don't approve of.


  1. Re: work. So....when are we getting together for lunch to celebrate this??? ;)

    Your swimming is like my running in a race....all these people passing me. I wouldn't even bother to notice the teens - they will just get you down. I think you did awesome!

    I can't wait to do yoga tomorrow night!! I've only come close to falling asleep in svasana once...but I have actually heard others snore (no, not "jai" breath....SNORE). I bet you didn't. ;)

  2. I just accept the fact that I am always going to be passed by somebody. I'm not the biggest fish out there...

  3. Yay for good news at work! And nice that you had a reasonable lane mate. :)

  4. Lunch would be good. I'll look at my oh so busy schedule and give you a call. I wasn't down about the teens passing me at all. I was all admiration about their skills, just wishing I could join them.

    I did.

  5. There is always a faster swimmer. Most days at Renfrew I was the fastest in the pool, but there were a half a dozen people that showed up every now and then that could totally kick my butt. I learned to recognize them... It's one incentive to swim faster, especially if you can draft someone.

    At Talisman I'm still figuring out relative speeds. So far I'm fitting in well.

  6. I will email you the good news. It would lead to massive confusion, and I don't want to explain some of it.


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