Thursday, February 16, 2012

Distracted day

I lost a day in there somehow. Vacation, you know.

Wednesday after dropping Linda at work I was astonished to discover the Talisman pools almost empty. I thought I was going to have one 25 m all to myself, then two other people got in just as I was getting ready to go. My shoulders were not happy with me. Perhaps the swim on Friday took more out of me than I thought, but it was a really good swim.

I cruised back and forth, mainly trying to stretch out and relax in the water. Lots of fin kick drill and pull. The intervals sucked so I didn't do many of them.

Once I got home I puttered for a little while then went out for a short run. My choice appeared to be cooler and dryer for my feet, or wait till later for warmer and wetter. I went for cooler, and ran about 40 minutes, with some stretching after.

And then I'm not quite sure what happened. There was some house tidying, and playing with a toilet that has an intermittent leak, and some research, and cat cuddling, but the day disappeared on me. Funny how that happens on vacation.

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