Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A perfect day for a classy party

Monday we were off for a bit of caving. The teaser pic on Facebook yesterday is just a small taste of how cool the two caves were. They weren't quite as rugged as the photo indicated, in that there are steps, and a smooth path. Still, it's not what you'd call handicapped friendly.

What these caves are is spectacular! We were in a small tour group so we could take a bit of extra time for drooling. I took lots of photos, and will post when I get back.

Lunch was at the Swizzle Inn. It is a pity the road is right beside the patio, but its still really nice. The food is excellent, and we could have sat on the patio drinking our faces off for a while. Listening to a 70's greatest hits soundtrack. These fruity rum drinks can really sneak up on you. A bit of shopping downtown finished off the day.

Tuesday was an early start for a tour of the botanical gardens. Very nice, even though the blooms are still a little thin. By comparison, of course, outdoor plants in Calgary aren't even dreaming of blooming, they're still dubious about surviving winter.

We also toured the official residence of the Prime Minister, or somebody important. The view is astonishing, including the gardens and ocean. Then was a tour of an art gallery. After that was a garden soirée, with champagne, more fruity rum drinks, various beers, and some soft drinks for those who's sun wasn't over the yardarm. Plus fish chowder, traditional rice dish, and fish cakes. In the rose garden. Listening to one of the best jazz sax players in the country. The temperature was so perfect that I didn't even notice that it was warm or cool. We sat and listened, and drank, and chatted to another Canadian couple we met on the tour. They had lived in Calgary a while ago. It was a really relaxing and civilized afternoon.

There was a bit of a gong show in the cafe, which was totally different from the soirée. Efficiency was not the word that came to mind. Me and another guy caught eyes, and rolled them. Both of us had simple purchases, and had cash ready. Not the case with others. Watching them put the meals together was a bit of a keystone kops routine

I suppose I should have gone for a run after we got home, but it was nice to sit by the pool, drink non-booze, and chat with the owner as he is installing some auxiliary solar heating stuff for the pool. Sadly, the end of our time in paradise is now in sight. Not quite instantly, but soon. The only consolation is that we know we will come back.

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