Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The most amiable beeps imaginable

The run turned out to be short hills. Steep short hills. Ran about 45 minutes and found the railway trail. Not so much wind today.

Touring around the last couple days we've seen lots of the islands, on narrow twisty roads. Everybody beeps their horns, but they aren't angry beeps. They could mean any or all of these - hello, thank you, go ahead, I see you, sorry, and probably more besides. Driving is a more cooperative activity here, though it's still a bit weird driving on the left. The people are so friendly. We're having a wonderful time.

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  1. Sounds so fun! I hope one day we'll be able to travel there!

  2. You will. It's a bit harder to get past the resort all inclusive advertising, but there are perfectly nice places to stay at a reasonable cost.

  3. So you must be in England...or Australia. Where's Waldo??? :) :)

  4. There are other left hand drive places...


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