Friday, November 6, 2009

The title got changed because I pooped out

The title was going to be
I got back from the run and realized I was too pooped to safely ride to the pool and swim AND ride back. In the howling wind.

The day started with yoga. I somehow missed the first class of the session, so this is a make up class for me. The teacher said some of the poses were good hamstring stretches. I disagree; they nearly killed my calves. We used two chairs and some padding for a shoulder stand. It turns out I have very pointy shoulder bones with nothing there. I needed two blankets.

Walked 5 minutes then started my run mostly around Woodbine. It's my 8K route, but I knew I'd not get around it in the scheduled time. It's six K to a pole behind the Safeway so I figured I'd check the watch then. It took about 15 minutes running to find a stride that worked. Just as I settled in I got off the grass and had to run on the paved path. It was really gusty windy up on the berm, 50-60 Kph, with brief periods of complete calm. That's enough of a wind that it plays hell with your balance. Down in Fish Creek things were better, and that part of the run felt really good. I could feel myself running from the core again, but not as strong as on Wed. Overall I was trying for a nice pace, not too fast, not too slow, thinking about form. I hit the 6 K mark in 38:20 and kept going till the 45 minute mark, then walked 10 minutes home. That's about a 1o:15 mile pace which feels like I could keep it up for a while. 

Hit the roller for a few minutes on my calves and hams. Realized on the way back upstairs I was really in no shape to ride to the pool. Besides, I got an extra swim on Wed, so technically, I was done anyway, and didn't need to fight with the lunchtime crowd. One thing about paying a coach to produce a schedule is that it tells you when enough is enough. Waved the vacuum cleaner around, stalking the wild dust bunnies, and stretched up to do the tops of the door frame trim. Rollered a bit more. Somehow doing that has slipped away from me.

The week so far has been super runs, good solid bike workouts, and the swim is feeling stronger. The core is good compared to when I started, but overall this week its been a bit of a shambles towards the end of each workout.

Tomorrow is a rest day! I was looking at my bike shoe cleats, and I think the time has really come. There's almost no yellow left. I need new tights. I'd like to get a little applicator of some kind to apply chain lube sparingly to the chain. The container has a huge hole that dribbles lube everywhere. What do other people use? Any hints?


  1. Yeah, now is a good time to replace your cleats -- I actually went ahead and put new cleats on both pairs of bike shoes. I had an older pair of shoes, so I'm going to train in one pair and use my GOOD tri bike shoes for racing. I don't now why I didn't think of that before...

    Nobody touches my bike except Gord, so I can't help you out with the chain lube thing. Although I do have a bottle of White Lightening that I use on my mountain bike. It's got a tiny little hole on the top so all I have to do is tilt the bottle down and start spinning the chain.

  2. Pffttt! Lube? Maybe your bike just need a little more foreplay, brother. It isn't all about YOU, y'know.

    I like this title better than the original one because anything that includes the word "poop" is by definition awesomer than anything that does not.

    Posts that talk about poop and lube are Teh Awesomest and, frankly, I don't understand why Teh Loose Moose hasn't been here already because I thought those key words would attract her here faster than the scent of male moose urine.

    But then again, she hung fire for quite a while that time you posted a picture of that Moosely Stud. Could be she just likes toying with you.


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