Monday, November 30, 2009

Sara's swim and run camp Sunday

While our American friends were eating themselves into oblivion, and the football fans were working themselves into an emotional lather, us hardcore tri junkies were at the pool. In fact, two of us, me and another guy, were in the water 20 minutes EARLY. We chose to defy the fat and mouthy City foreman at the pool that told us she deigned to let us use the steam room or hot tub, but our lanes wouldn't open till 8:30. Bah. I say bah.

Sara and Clint led us through some dryland drills for review, then Sara lined us up for our swim lanes. I followed Jenna. Our lane was swimming 50's on 1 minute, or most of our lane was. A few people thought that was a bit brisk for a warm up, but Jenna kept going with me then Tisha in hot pursuit. Not sure what the other lane was doing but there sure was a lot of splashing.

I was working on my catch and pull, then Carrie gave me a tip. That worked really well, changing my position in the water. Same effort and I was nearly eating Jenna's toes, which are very cute, btw. Then we got started with flip turns. I have been officially told that I do them well enough to be doing them all the time.

We were in the water only an hour, then down to Carrie's place for breakfast, talks, and run video analysis. I was all ready to hide my eyes, and crawl under the sofa when I came up on the video but it wasn't that bad. I'm still leading with my chin, my arms are too low and I don't move them enough, my hips drop. That's what I remember right now, though I have some notes in my bag.

Then we set out for a nice 90 minute run. I haven't run that long since 70.3 in August, and don't forget the hard run yesterday on the track. True to my expectations I was the slowest in the pack. We ran from near the Talisman Centre down the Elbow River pathway. I've ridden this many times, but never run it. I got to the water treatment plant and back, which is 12.7 K. My main goal was to keep a steady pace and stay aerobic. I kept my heart rate at 130± 2 or 3 bpm the entire time, except going up Sandy Beach hill, and evenly split the run. My form was starting to get sloppy about the 1:10 mark, but I don't think I slowed down much. Some of the rest of the campers can really run!

We got our CD's of video and photo, which I haven't looked at yet. Why? I came home after the hugs and goodbyes, showered, and went straight to some friends for dinner. The football game was on in the background. There's lots I don't understand about football. The Riders led the entire game, then with no time on the clock, they let the other team keep trying to kick field goals till they got one. Shouldn't the game be over when the clock is done? I'm just asking.

Today my legs don't feel too bad. I banged my heels a bit during one of the flip turns and with all the running, my lower calves are a bit sore. I'll do some stretching a bit later, and do a good spin warmup on the bike, then more stretching. But first the important stuff. Breakfast with Julie and Tessa.

Weekly Summary
Swim 3.5 hrs
Bike 3.5 hrs
Run 3.0 hrs
Walk 1.5 hrs
Core 3.0 hrs
Total 14.5 hrs


  1. Football.
    For those of you that care, what happened was...Montreal was just about within field goal range with just a few secs on the clock...they kicked the ball and MISSED!! WE SHOULD HAVE WON THE GAME!!!!!
    The riders had too many men on the field...a total stupid mistake. Somebody can't count. That is a 10yard penalty....Montreal got to do the kick over again and nailed it and won the game. FAAAAAK!!!!!!

    But glad you had a good camp...sounds fun and interesting!!

  2. Video analysis, huh? Man, you are brave. I would NOT want to see that. I think I most resemble an arthritic walrus when I run...with his flippers bound together...oh, and did I mention that said walrus has diarhhea? yeah - that'd be me. Biomechanically efficient I am not.

  3. Video analysis is awesome! It always reminds me how good I am not even though I THINK I'm being all super efficient and junk. It's good to do, though.

    Football...hell, I thought you meant the Oakland Raiders. Yeah, you meant the REAL football!

  4. Great to have met you at the camp and see you at some future events. Take care, John

  5. Again, sounds like a GREAT camp!


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