Monday, November 2, 2009

Swimming at the Y

The experiment today was to drop Linda off at work, park, swim, and see what time I got to work. It didn't actually matter when that happened, since I was doing stuff on my own today. It ended up taking nearly two hours overall to walk there, pay, change, (it's quite the maze they have there), swim for an hour, shower, shave, dress, and walk to the office. This is all within downtown Calgary. I could actually have done almost the entire trip indoors had I wanted, but it was nice out.

The pool is nice. If you start at the deep end like I did, the ledge is tiny. I got all screwed up because the pace clock at the deep end wasn't running, but it took a few minutes to figure how how everything was taking exact multiples of one minute. I don't know that I'll buy a membership, but the occasional drop in will be ok.

Shared a lane for a while. Lots of 100 m intervals, with increasing effort and decreasing rest times. That reaches it's limits pretty quick, but it felt good. 


  1. Did you break in your new Speedos? :) :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how long it takes to shuffle to the gym, workout, the get ready? Sounds like a nice pool though!


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