Sunday, November 22, 2009

Technically, *last* week was the rest week

Though this week felt like the rest week because I skipped so many workouts.

Saturday was a nice day, but on the advice of my coach I didn't try to make up Thursday. Instead, Linda and I went for a nice walk down through Fish Creek. Not many people there so it was peaceful and quiet. Just a nice fall day for a 1.25 hr walk.

Sunday is Katie's brick session. Two hours spin, lots of cadence stuff, a bit of one leg drill, some hill climbing, and a bit of leg pulling. Katie is cute when she blushes. I was feeling a bit twitchy on the bike, not my normal reasonably fluid spin. Today 120 rpm was hard, and I was bouncing a bit. More oddly, I was getting these muscle twitches at the wrong times. Almost like the muscles are willing to help out, but just not terribly well coordinated.

Running wasn't bad, but not good either. Only 20 minutes, not clump clump clump, but not smooth and light. Kept it slow and easy. Core was only 30 pushups, but after the initial 10 I was back on my knees again. I weenied out of the plank stuff and did some other stretches and core work instead. That was 20 minutes or so, with tropical muffins after.

Not really a good week at all. I think I was fighting off some bug or another, and I'm feeling much better now. The guy at the Apple store nodded as I told the story of woe, and said there wasn't anything he could do that I hadn't already tried. The hard drive has been slowly failing, and it's easier to replace it than fuss with the old one. Especially since I have a fairly recent backup. Yay! I'll get back my computer with a new hard drive and the latest OS installed, and all I have to do is import the data from the latest backup, which by all accounts works very well. I should be able to get the computer on Tuesday. Crossing fingers for luck.

Weekly Summary
Swim 1.25 hrs
Bike 3.5 hrs
Run 1.9 hrs
Walk 2.5 hrs
Core 1.8 hrs
Total 10.95 hrs, and I suppose I can round that to 11 hours.


  1. I'll definitely be out on Sunday to ride with you guys and hopefully keep up!

  2. Who's katie? Sorry about the computer and the bug (body, not virtual). Hope you are back to feeling better soon!

  3. Very funny about the muscle twitches!! When I do that leg extension exercise at the gym (you know the one where you sit in a chair?) I watch these little muscles twitch all over the place. Hahahahaha!! Poor little suckers, they are trying their best to help out, eh? :)

    Sorry I missed your call -- things are starting to settle down, but Saturdays are NUTS for training. I am not kidding -- I think I went to bed at 4:30pm Saturday. You going to the restaurant before camp starts? I'll be there! :) :)


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