Monday, November 9, 2009

Back fat, sympathetic vibrations, and resonance revisted

Swam at FOMC for the first time in a while. It was very quiet. I shared a lane with a girl swimming almost exactly the same speed I was. Life is good. Warmup, drill, intervals, cool down, for 45 minutes. Flipturn practice for 15 minutes. Deep water core and running for 15 minutes, and that nearly did me in. I haven't done my deep water core for a while now because the dive tank has always been full, and I can sure tell.

Walked gently to and from my massage. She found a muscle in the outside of my left calf that I had previously been unaware of. Ouch. Iced it several times during the afternoon.

It took a bit of doing to get on my bike today. Lots of muscles are feeling really creaky after the massage yesterday, especially the left calf. Warmed up carefully. One leg drill, cadence drill, a pyramid aerobic set that had me wondering where time trial gear really is. Some really high speed spin while trying to keep the upper body still. It used to be that at about 120 rpm, everything started jiggling. Now the jiggle happens about 130 or so, but it's more selective. Mostly the fat at the top of my butt and lower back. However, once I'm past 140 rpm the resonance dies out and I'm smooth again. The only problem is that I can't maintain that for very long. If I'm not pedaling smoothly, at about 110 rpm, I get funny jiggles in my hams and calves. 90 minutes on the bike.

Core work, done carefully. Skipped the hamstring curls, since those muscles were feeling a bit crampish. 30 minutes. It's beautiful out, so once I run some errands I think I'll go for a nice walk.


  1. Well, as A. Pope famously said:

    On thine own, not my, back fat get all scanny -
    'Tis proper that thou look'st not at MY fanny.

    I think it was in his "Essay On Man, Spinning". (I may have misquoted this slightly. But I don't think so.)

    Hahahahaha! This for some reason reminds me of that Simpsons episode in which Homer, Lisa and Bart are all about to fall from a great height and Homer turns to the kids and says, "You know the drill. Try and land on my back fat."

    Good advice indeed.

    You have a built-in kid-saving cushion, there, Keef.

    Cherish it. For who knows when you'll need it?

    (Actually, I do. It'll be some time in August, but I won't say exactly when because I don't want to spoil it for you.)

  2. I really have nothing witty to say after reading Glaven's comment...I just wanted you to know I read this post!!


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