Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sara's swim and run camp Fri & Sat

Friday night traffic was a living hell. There was a bit of rain/snow, and the temperature dropped to just below zero. You couldn't get a better slippery surface on the roads if you used a zamboni. It took me 45 minutes to make a 20 minute drive, and I got lucky. Crowchild trail north turned into a parking lot at 33rd, but I just managed to escape and wiggle up the side streets to Killarney pool. Even so, I saw two accidents, and there were a zillion more around the rest of the city. It didn't help this is Grey Cup weekend in Canada, and the big game is in Calgary. (For American's, think Superbowl, only bigger, relatively speaking.)

I was surprised at how murky the water was. It looked fine looking down at it, but when you look through it to the other end of the pool, you couldn't see the other end. On the video playback (small TV) people appeared out of the murk about 2 body lengths out, so you could only see a couple strokes. I dig too deep, and my hands wiggle around.

When we weren't swimming we were doing some dryland exercises and stretching. My traps are really really tight. I was shown some exercises to work on that.

Traffic was still really bad. People trying to get out onto 17th were going to be waiting a while. I saw the cop lights and went back out the way I came. We have an early start in the morning.

I have now seen high quality video of me swimming. It's isn't quite cover your eyes bad. I have a page full of notes of things to correct. Perhaps, once I get the DVD, and I master the technical expertise required, AND I get suitable bribes (cookies, wine, good chocolate...) I might clip out the sections with me, and put them on my blog, so everybody can see just how bad it is. It wouldn't be fair to just put the whole thing up. Some of the people on it have their own blogs (Julie, Jenna, and Tisha that I know about) and if they want to put their thrashing bodies on the internet they can do so themselves. Coach gets to come over, take a sedative, and watch the whole thing.

We warmed up 1200 m various stuff. It wasn't so long ago that if I swam that much it was a good workout. Then 2 x 200 m intervals. Then 4 x 100. Then 6 x 50. Somewhere in there we got filmed, I think after the 100's. In between we did some easy 50's. Cool down. At one point I was tickling Julie's toes, trying to make her laugh while swimming. Another point during the 50's I was trying to keep up with Jenna. Geez can she swim! I treasure Clint's comment "You pull good water for an age grouper." That was before he saw the video footage.

The video commentary was excellent. Excellent! Lots of tips on what people are doing wrong, and how to correct it. Also pointing out what people are doing right, which is important too. It is astonishing to see what your body is *really* doing, as compared to what you *think* you are doing. I'm a convert. If you're a swimmer, and want to improve, go get yourself videoed.

We had a mid day break, and met back at Mount Royal College. We did a warm up K or so. Then were filmed from both sides, front and back. Then Sara led us through some drills, swinging arms, jogging on the spot, and lean on someone to build up a head of steam and burst out of the starting gate. Then we ran 4 x 4 laps, with one lap easy between each set. At 221 m per lap, that's about 4.4 K at what was supposed to be our 10 K race pace. I didn't time myself. It's sure boring running around and around and around. I had to count laps on my fingers for fear I'd forget. I need to do a bit more stretching, and my feet hurt a little bit. I did this in my indoor shoes, which are really a miled out set of outdoor shoes that were washed, and should only be used for gym stuff.

We haven't seen the run video coverage yet. I think I'll sneak a stiff drink into my water bottle to prepare myself for how bad it's likely to be, and to console myself after. Back in the pool bright and early tomorrow.

We've had just about a full time photo/videographer clicking away, and they say everything will be on the DVD. So I haven't taken any photos myself.


  1. heya - been reading now and then for a few months. just had a long long week of running myself. check out my blog if you like. :-)

  2. Sounds like the video was wonderful. So fun that you were there with Jenna and Julie too. Oh the trouble you probably caused.


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