Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last pre camp workout

Yoga last night was good. Very good. My legs feel great.

A two hour spin today. Lots of cadence pyramids and one leg in warm up, then lots and lots of cadence stuff in the main set. All was good.

Core was between 15 and 30 minutes of goodness, well, except for plank. I did some of it, the first front and side set, though I cheated on my right arm a bit. For the second set I didn't even get that far, and left well enough alone. All the rest of it was good.

I'm looking forward to the swim and run camp, and hope the video isn't too embarrassing. It will be nice to see Jenna and Julie again, and meet the other campers. I may even know some of them, but probably not.

I got my computer back, and the backup worked. (snoopy dance of joy happening here!) About the only thing I'm missing is a few sent emails between the 10th and today, none of which are of earth shaking importance. The few document updates I did are still in mind and have been done again, or are on a USB drive. The moral of the story is, back up your data!


  1. Watch out for Tisha....she is bad news! lol

  2. I am so excited for the camp -- the video analysis is going to be so useful! Can't wait to see if my bum has gotten a wee bit more muscley. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  3. Ha! So ture. Our computer crapped out on us this summer and so my trusty brother-in-law had to back up everything for us and GAVE us an external hard drive for the price of us promising to back everything up in the future so he didn't have to go through that again. I don't blame him, ANNOYING. Have fun at camp and take LOTS of pictures-especially of the nontraining related stuff!

  4. Camp for big peoples - sounds like a blast. Are you saying that all the emails you sent me after the 10th were NOT important?!? WELL, I know where I rank...;)

  5. Oh! Have so much fun at the camp! I am so jealous. We have a blogger camp...but not do anything triathlon THAT would be fun!!!

  6. I meant we should have a blogger camp. I am tired an my head is foggy today...


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