Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Short today

You had a big long post two days ago, and lots of brilliant photos yesterday. So here's a somewhat lower key blog today.

In other news my cranky knee is coming around and feeling better. I'm beginning to think about running. Maybe I'll pump up the tires and try a spin on my bike.

I've been designing in my head a bike attachment for my camera. It should clamp to the handlebars and yet be easily removed. It should carry the camera in a padded environment, strapped in so that even if the bike goes for a tumble (as it has, with me along for the ride) it won't be harmed. Waterproof is good. Able to fit any and all the lenses. This might be my next build project.

Lots of the go this week. Two swims and a massage. Fixing a leaking valve on a water barrel. Sharpen mower and cut the lawn. Bottle a wine kit. Start another. Make transportation plans with a buddy for a social event. Make tentative plans with a buddy for a different photo ramble. Confirm community association photoshoot. ZOOM!

Driftwood of the Day

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  1. Love the sunflower pic. Sounds like your life is even busier than mine. Retirement! Who said it was going to be restful, eh?


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