Monday, October 1, 2018

September Image of the Month

Oh my goodness! I am spoiled for choice all of a sudden. I knew I had a few nice images along the way, but then the photo ramble last week put me over the top with room to spare. I got several images out of that could be photo of the month, but the rule is, there an be only one, and it's from within the month.

No matter that next month might not produce a photo as nice as the runner up this month. Otherwise I'd be doing a running version of image of the year, sort of like a yearly running average. Speaking of image of the year, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be looking at two of these for that.

Oddly enough, 2nd runner up was the most difficult choice. I knew the winner and runner up going into it, and mused for a while about which was which. Every now and then I publish something on Neil Zeller's photowalk page on Facebook, and the bridge was quite well received.

So that left just one spot to fill, and several images that had been contenders before my ramble on the 26th.

2nd runner up
I couldn't get over this hit of red, and I got lucky with the light. The whole hillside was catching the light perfectly.

First runner up
I knew when I took them that the reflection shot would be good, and I had several shots to choose from. I had the time to change vantage points, and work the camera settings. I wasn't so sure about the bridge landscape would turn out. The light was changing as I took the shot. Several shots, thinking I might do a panorama, but the others didn't work out.  A few seconds later the light was totally flat and the trees were dull.

A story goes with this shot. There are various trails closed in Fish Creek to allow vegetation to regrow. I started at the bottom of the gully, not far where I got the other shot of bridge 5, and took a right to scramble up a steep path. At least I thought it was a path. There were no signs. At the end of it I found a nice little stone scenic lookout spot, with a path closed sign. Oops. My bad.

The winner!
I can't stop looking at the shimmering reflections. My eyes want to follow the various lines and bask in the colour. I've been shooting reflection shots in Fish Creek since I started this hobby, and this is the best one yet. If you think it looks a little familiar, look at yesterday's bridge 4 photo.

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  1. That reflection shot is truly spectacular, Keith! Well done!! The others are lovely too.


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