Monday, October 29, 2018

Beaver dam, 1 of 2 posts

Some of you may remember when I spaced out a number of reflection shots over the whole week. I was on another photo ramble on the weekend with my buddy Sean, and got several reflection shots, and other photos as well. (You can see his, here.) Not enough, perhaps to space them out over the whole week, but probably too many to push into one post. I don't want to give you photo overload, after all.

This is very nearly the first shot of the morning.

Not too much later, looking the other way.

There are several beaver dams, but I don't recall which this one is. It was still early so I could play with settings for the water flow.

This was fun. I'd been walking along and just chanced to look over my shoulder. That patch of colour caught my attention right away. I even got an iPhone shot of the camera setup, and you can see it and this one on Instagram.

There is another post of more photos coming. There wasn't as much colour in the sky as we had hoped, but it was still a lovely morning.


  1. Wow! I especially like the first one. The trees have such personality! But I like something about all the others as well. I might have been tempted to push the contrast just a wee bit more in the last one - but maybe that's just my shitty laptop screen talking.

  2. I am with the Janice. That first shot is particularly special. It was a good morning and the ramble as always was a pleasure. Cheers, Sean


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