Monday, October 22, 2018

Reflective riches

Wow! My buddy Amy and had arranged a tentative photo ramble date months ago for about now, and when we saw the great weather here we firmed it up for today. Even though we are past the best fall colour here, we hoped to get some nice shots exploring Elbow Island. Neither of us had ever been.

We seem to have good planning at meeting up and so it was today. A short drive later and the reflective riches started. There was no wind, so the river was completely calm, and that more than made up for some missing colour. I've never seen the river so blue, and that's not me tweaking the colour in Lightroom.

This reminds me of a small town scene in Southern Ontario, with the mill just out of sight. A bit of red in the leaves and you'd never know. 1763

Look carefully. Did I get a long exposure shot of a starry night sky? 1769

The underwater landscape was like I've never seen it before. 1794

Even the city can be pretty. 1797

Stay tuned, lots more coming.


  1. These are great and it was such a fun morning-thank you!

  2. Upon reflection the 3rd photo is wonderful and flawless. Congratulations. Cheers, Sean

  3. Oh wow! Those are lovely, Keith - especially the third one!


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