Tuesday, June 6, 2017

May Image of the Month

Sorry for the delay there, I got wrapped up in things and overlooked it. My normal process is to look at all the edited photos and see which strikes my eye. I got down to 8 fairly quickly, and there I was stuck. I liked all of them, of course, but I could see reasons for each of them being picked. But there can be only one!

In any case, here is the two runner up selections.

Part of the challenge in flower photographs is to get the colour and texture just right. Several times I've had to go back outside and remind myself of what the exact colour is, and try to have that show on screen. The delicate peachy yellow, the lines of the petals, and the water drops that look like they're hanging on the lens rather than the flower just do it for me. Did you notice the spherical drop at the top of the petal near the centre of the flower?

Hairy ant butts. Who knew? I was going to get my butt kicked if I didn't include this one, but I'm quite taken by it anyways. What I really like is seeing the texture of the peony bud.

And the winner of the month!
This is almost an accidental shot. The sunset was ok, nothing special, but I was freezing my tail off thinking off going in. Suddenly it was spectacular, and I clicked madly. This is two shots stitched into a panorama. It would make lovely canvas 46"x18" to fill in that wide spot that needs some colour. Just saying. Or, dare I say, 2 feet by 5 feet. Pretty sure that would work.

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