Monday, June 5, 2017

Lilies and roses, oh my! Plus?

Another flower fest for my readers, taken today and yesterday. Lets see what Blogger does to the order.

The lilies and roses are starting to bud out. I'm very excited!

This is one of the new peonies, not yet in a permanent home.

These two were mentioned yesterday. I still don't know what they are.

Linda isn't sure what these are, and of course, I don't have a clue.

This one might be the dread Alberta Rose on it's way to world domination, or at least the rest of the garden. It's nearly as tall as I am, and is looking around aggressively.

In other news the lake swim went really well for me. I learned a few things, got to swim in a pack for a while and practice some stuff. Open water swims are tough here, since all the lakes are private. You need a buddy if you want to swim, or sign up for the races and get in on the free swims. This was put on by Repsol Sports Centre and their 3433 club.

It seems that I left my water feel at the lake. Today's swim was clunky and slow. No run on the weekend and I'm feeling better for it.

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  1. Hi Keith, the two pictures are columbine☺ Beautiful photos!!


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