Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The lane divider was hungry, but I conquered!

In the pool today. I ended up with two things.

This is a result of the lane divider trying to eat my hand. It looked redder and angrier than that in real life.

The other thing is the best 1000 m swim time in several decades! Back in the day, before some of my readers were born, I'd routinely swim a sub 18 minute km. It's been a long, long time. This is a better swim than anything done since I started training for Ironman.

The number?


That is 40 seconds better than just a couple weeks ago for the same distance! This is what stroke improvement will do for you.

Even better, I know I can go faster, since my catch sucked the first part of the swim. The improvement is mainly cleaning up my recovery, and kicking a bit harder. This gave me a better roll. At least some of the time I was trying to breathe out during the stroke. No idea if that makes a difference.

So yes, I'm pleased.

I was pretty out of breath at the end but not ready to puke. Another 500 m of drill and kick rounded it out.


  1. Great job sir! ps. I was born in 1977-before then??

  2. Awesome time!!!! I note that I am not one of those readers....sigh....

  3. Wow! Congrats on the time! You'd definitely school me!

    1. Hi Izzy, thanks for commenting! I recognize a couple of the blogs in your blogroll, and will have to check more of them out later.


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