Thursday, February 5, 2015

Padding cat paw swim stroke

Swam Wednesday, trying to think about my two different arm recoveries. The left is doing what I want, but the right is not. I was trying to keep the rhythm of my arms doing a nice recovery while thinking of a big cat padding along. Have you seen a cat doing that? The front paw is picked up in a relaxed way, with the paw curling under, then going forward to land gracefully and inexorably.

The first K was 18:45 nice and relaxed, with my arms mostly behaving. The next K was a bit more sloppy, and a little bit slower, 19 minutes even. I think I'm going to have think about this, and try some drills that have been suggested to me.

Our yoga class is fun, and we love our teacher to bits. She is looking forward to some surgery and we were joking about what she could do while she was recovering. There were several suggestions.

The best one was wheelchair cat roping. Yes. Then that night I dreamed of it, on a big scale. Rules (of a sort), timing chips, wheelchair standards, judges, everything. What made it interesting is that the human in the wheelchair didn't know if they were getting a housecat (a very small, nimble target for roping, but easily handled when roped) or a cougar (a much bigger target, but much less easily handled). The cats are induced to enter by the promise of playing with the slowest human. The winning human wins some tempting prize. This fits in well with other thoughts of making sporting events more interesting and, well, competitive.

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    I tell you, Keith, we are really onto something here!


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