Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not the throughput blog yet, but swim video!

I'm still working on that throughput blog. Let's just say it grew in the telling, and it will need to be a two episode blog. We're talking a serious wall o'text there. I hadn't quite realized it was such a big subject, or I'd have so much to say about it.

In the meantime I'm distracted by the antics of our politicians. This time it's Harper and his new anti-terrorism bill. Considering he's labelled environmentalists as terrorists, and there is essentially no oversight to the new and improved CSIS (that's sarcasm there, for those that think I've gone soft!) I don't have any doubt it will become a secret police dedicated to serving our Dear Leader's needs. His enemies can confidently expect a knock on the door. They've even said they'll do that. That's the first step towards disappearing people in the night.

Lèse-majesté hasn't been a crime in Canada, but I wouldn't be surprised if Harper has included that in the small print of the terrorism bill that nobody has got to yet. Not that I think he's noticed me, but the professional paranoids that find their way into secret police organizations could well consider some of the things I've said in this blog to be worthy of professional notice.

After all, I openly say that Harper is incompetent at governing, though I admit he possesses more cunning than usual about becoming and staying the government. I fully urge people to vote against him and his cronies. I am looking forward to putting an x beside someone else's name, when Harper's name appears on the ballot, which it will for me. If he calls another election.

In other news I took a break from the pool Monday and Tuesday. Michelle had taken some video of me swimming on Sunday and I finally got a chance to look it over carefully. I had not realize my arms were doing something completely different during recovery. See if you can see it. Youtube link here.

My right arm has a faster, higher, and more fluid return than the left. The left skims the water and is a hair slower. I'm not entirely sure why. I just wish I could swim further at that pace.

Saturday is looking nice and I'm hoping for a run.

Thank you everyone for your condolences about Bernard. Our two current cats are coming up on 3 years living here now, and seem to be doing fine, amid the usual complaints about inadequate attention.

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