Monday, February 18, 2013

Perfusely (sic)

I had to look this one up, since at first I thought it was profusely. Even Mrs. Google wanted to tell me about profusely. After a bit of looking I got it sorted out. Turns out perfusely isn't actually a real word.

Perfuse is:
1. To coat or permeate with liquid, color, or light; suffuse.
2. To pour or diffuse (a liquid, for example) over or through something.

[from Latin perfūsus wetted, from perfundere to pour over, from per- + fundere to pour]
perfusion  n
perfusionist  n
perfusive  adj
perfused  adj

Profusely is 1. Plentiful; copious.
2. Giving or given freely and abundantly; extravagant: were profuse in their compliments.
[Middle English, lavish, from Latin profsus, past participle of profundere, to pour forth : pro-, forth; see pro-1 + fundere, to pour; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]
pro·fusely adv.
pro·fuseness n.

After a workout we could say I sweated profusely, and perfused my jersey, shorts, and socks. So I learned something today, which makes it worth getting out of bed and all. Which is just about the only thing I've done today. I've had a very lazy day, it being a stat holiday here in Alberta. Lots of reading and web surfing after being up late last night watching DVD's.

For some reason after a day of listening to Pink Martini and Roy Orbison I was in the mood for some Dead Like Me and stayed up late. That was after buying stuff online. In spite of all the blandishments of iTunes, Amazon, Indigo, and others, I don't buy much on line. Linda gets all sorts of stuff that way, but I don't. Till yesterday. I loaded up the iPad with Perdido Street Station, Paperless, A Stroke of Insight (our next book club read), Black & White (a live Orbison album), some Straight no Chaser, and the Traveling Wilburys double album. Call me old school if you must. Oh, and the first Pink Martini album. And an app called Sound Uncovered that looks really neat. I'll have to dig out the good earbuds for that. All in all a big day of buying for me.

Other than being lazy, I haven't done much today, at least so far. There's a few dishes to do, maybe I'll deal with them, then tackle the next word. During our book club meeting we were talking about blogging, and they asked if it was hard to do. I know some bloggers struggle to find something to blog about, but that typically isn't my problem. If anything, there are usually a couple of blog posts jostling each other in my head, struggling to reach my fingers first.

My problem is trying to keep the posts short. Yes, short, even though I know some of them have been imposing walls of text. There was one that got split in half as I was about to post, because it was just so long. I enjoy writing. I enjoy the process of trying to translate what's in my head to something on screen that will give you guys a flavour of that. Some go better than others.

Some people have a problem publishing, since they keep seeing issues, and making tiny correction. Profusely. The best one I ever did I pounded out in about 20 minutes, read again, tweaked a couple tiny things, and published. That was Derp, by the way, which according to one set of stats, not many of you read. I actually quite like that one.

Some I spend more time on, polishing, rearranging, and trying to perfuse the text with my actual thought, while being clear about what I'm not saying as well. It's trickier than it sounds.  

And the (sic) part of the title? From Latin, sic erat scriptum, "thus was it written".

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  1. I really LOVED reading Stroke of Insight. At the time, I worked on an acute medical floor with four beds dedicated to people who had just suffered from a stroke and six beds dedicated to inpatient rehab, many of whom were rehabilitating after their stroke. As a nurse, this book opened up my mind to the patient experience and gave me a better understanding of the disease and the impact on the persomn than any medical/nursing text had before. It is beautifully written. It also made me appreciate my brain and my health.


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