Monday, February 25, 2013


Since this word refers to a talkative person I think I'll do this blog post totally by voice. There will be minimal that it who knows what this will turn out like. I'm lying in a hammock in the yard of the house that we're renting in Bermuda. I was out for a run a little earlier today around the northern part of the island. It's a beautiful warm and sunny day here today just like a summer day in Calgary. The people here think it's kind of cool though I saw a runner who had long track pants and a longsleeved jacket on. Stopped and chatted with him briefly he told me about some of the runs that he's done around the island.
Last year when I was running I ran along the beach but since I had my phone in my pocket I didn't go into the water. I spent a year regretting that I didn't just put my phone in my shoes and do that. So for today's run I left the phone at home. And yes I ran along the beach and then got myself wet. There's a tiny little beach called athletes cool between tobacco baby and St. Catherine's beach. It faces directly into the wind and it was quite windy. The waves were all a foot higher self which doesn't sound like much but it was I'll spray and windy. I didn't swim. I waited of just far enough so that I was about 50 or waist deep and docked under and got my cell phone my cement. I ducked under and got wet. It was very nice drying off in the sunny warm and then running back to the house. The whole run and swim Clark may be an hour and a half tops I would didn't have a watch maybe only an hour. It was all nice and comfortable not running too hard or too fast.
The salty water tasted just great. Sea level air is warm and not too humid and wonderfully. Running here is paradise compared to Calgary. I'm probably going to run every other day or so depending on exactly what we've got planned. There is stuff we want to do but we don't want to exhaust ourselves chasing around.
Last year when we came by the time we got off the plane waited for her luggage tried to find the cabdriver that was supposed to pick us up and got to the house here it was dark and raining. This year went much better. The flight was a little bit early our bags were just about the first ones out. The lines for the customs office or short. We were out grab the first cab because we knew where we wanted to go and gave him directions. So last year the cab ride was $35 with the tip I think. This year it was $20 with a tip much better.
We walked into town and did a little bit of shopping for some of the staples that we want. Unfortunately the wine section of the store was closed so we had to go back again today can't do with wine. So today we picked up a nice bottle of yellow tail for a whole $12. We're doing a little bit of planning to see what we want to do tomorrow and the rest of the week We have some ideas already of course one doesn't get this far without having at least some ideas.
So I'm all nicely cooled off from my run I did some stretching in the yard. Then browse the Greek Internet with the wireless connection open the yard in a hammock in the warm sunny day maybe maybe I should take a picture and let you see the view that I've got here I'll see if I can do that.

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