Sunday, February 3, 2013


What a great new word for me!
This is one of the reasons I started this, to learn new words. There are days I worry about all the stuff we have; what if it all has a personality, and not just the Ikea lamp? Coffee! Who thought of putting a camera in a phone, and why did they think it was a good idea? Leaping cats wind watches so the tape measure won't obscure the light from the backup drive that the cable modem sits on flashing the green light to signal permission to move forward with the massive data transfers that accompany our daily lives in a way that would drive our ancestors brains into a caddywhompus state from which they would probably never recover because they didn't grow up with the evolving technologies we take for granted especially some people that cannot live in insolation even for a few minutes without as evidenced by the lineup behavior in Starbucks where people deluded into taking a long time to get an expensive coffee flavored beverage will distract themselves from their mission to look at a small glass and metal box that delivers a stream of flickering images tattooed on the eyeballs of the coffee denied in such a way as to drive them into a state more susceptible to the brain sucking aliens that even now are rapidly approaching our planet for the harvest since the advance scouts have been doing such a brilliant job of taking a predictable world into a caddywhompus state where nobody can predict anything anymore as nothing is in balance except our yoga instructor and the cats who somehow remain apart from it all in splendid isolation though they try to demonstrate through daily life the anti-alien path that seems so unattractive to many which explains why there are not many rich yogis in a world full of bloated CEO semi-personalities in a conspiracy with rice counting accountants to drive all of us into giving more to them while we want to spend the time that trickles through our fingers faster than the finest sand after centuries of being windblown abraded to tiny perfect spheres useless for adding as aggregate to concrete which explains why desert countries import all sorts of unexpected commodities often transported by ships plying the seven seas until a storm or the kraken drive them under to rest until unearthed by a future civilization as puzzled by us as we are puzzled by the Antikythera mechanism with our friends and families.

In some ways this word is the opposite of a word you'll get later on. Let's see if you notice.

Today is the first trifecta in a long time! I'd have to go back through my blog to see when the last time was that I swam, biked, and ran on 3 successive days. It must have been several months ago now. I'm still feeling a bit of that cold in my windpipe, but my lungs are getting happier with cardio.

Today's bike was 1.25 hrs. Long warmup with gradually increasing effort. Some fairly hard efforts for steady state, and some spin ups to 100 rpm in the hardest gear, trying to still spin smoothly. Those don't last long, let me tell you. Heart rate recovered nicely from those. Stretched after.

Today is massage day. I'll ask her to work on low back and legs. Then again, her fingers will tell her what really needs worked on.

Another beautiful day out there. If I'd been ambitious I'd have run off the bike, but lets not get carried away here. The sunrise this morning was not so spectacular as the sunset last night, but I managed to work in a reflection photo of it and a cat.

Then while working this morning the other cat kept me company, and I have to say that Celina is much less greedy about desk space.


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