Thursday, February 21, 2013


Contrary what a certain database used to think, it's not spelled "cannister". That's just the least of it, but things look much better now.

It used to be that things came in canisters, ones you could keep and reuse. I've long since forgotten what originally came in my all-time favourite canister, but I sure know what often comes in it now.


Some of you have seen this and know too. Yummy, right?

My grandfather was a bit of a pack rat. He was farming (after a career in logging) when I met him, and in both those professions you never know when you might need something. Some little something that can be used for something else so you can get on with the job at hand. He had this wonderful big shop that had a huge boat in it. We were forbidden from going in or on it, upon pain of worse than death, and oddly enough to those that know me, I have no memory of ever doing so. There was lots else to keep my attention. Lots of jars full of odds and ends, tools, and stuff in general. That shed is still there, but not much else from the old farm is. Life moves on.

How many of you remember small town hardware stores? They were full of canisters of stuff too, for people that needed an odd something to get on with the job at hand. You don't see them any more, I guess it's uneconomic to sell things a few at a time, when it's easier to package them up in plastic, and create a supply chain to fill a super-store with dozens of ever size, except just one of what you need.

I can remember the last time I was in one. I was on a turn around in Fox Creek, and took the scenic route back to the motel. That would have been late 90's sometime. It was just as I remembered them to be, but you could see the winds of change sweeping in. I expect now it's a full sized Totem or Home Hardware, though maybe not a Rona. Or it's closed and people have to drive 45 minutes to Whitecourt. I am unlikely to ever be in one again. I mourn the loss of Ribtors, here in Calgary. It was a classic.

There are many empty canisters in my basement. More are filled with stuff I should probably throw out, but then almost certainly I would need it. That's how it goes. As long as I don't take action about it, there is the potential of creating a small shop down there, neatly organized. That potential has been there nearly 30 years, unrealized in any meaningful way. Yet I'm thinking about being semi-retired in a few years. What is retirement about, if not potential?

Some people retire, and go to sleep. Eventually they die, and sooner or later someone notices. Not me. In some ways I can feel myself waking up, getting more alive, discovering what I'm here for, and enjoying it more and more.

Short workout tonight, ending as soon as the fish and rice was done. Mostly stretching, but some pushups and other core stuff.

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  1. We were in one in the Netherlands this summer! Actually I think it was a bike parts store? We were in there for bike bits, BUT there were tons of boxes with this and that. It was awesome!! Oh and it wasn't in a small town either, it was in Amsterdam. :)


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