Saturday, February 23, 2013


Sometimes I really like to get into a problem. Tear into it, strewing bits and gobbets everywhere, though often I tag them so I can find them again later. It's a good way to thoroughly take something apart, and then you'll know how it was put together. Or at least you will if you took good notes.

But less commonly it can be used to indicate something essential has been removed. Like the recent Canadian Omnibus bill in relation to Navigable Waterways. My understand was that prior to the bill, navigable meant by canoe. Now take a look at the map of Canada. It's full of lakes, rivers, and all sorts of bodies of water, hundreds of them, maybe thousands. All protected from the depredations of the oil and gas companies because proposing to do anything above, in, or under one of these bodies triggered a review. Often it was by a tame lapdog, but a review none the less.

So what did our government do? They say they toughened the protection, but somehow, accidentally or otherwise, made it applicable to only named entities, and only named a few. A tiny percentage, most of which are in or adjacent to Tory ridings. Go team go! I note that the Elbow River is not one of the protected entities. I guess the fact that Calgary gets half it's drinking water from it isn't relevant. Here's the list, if you're interested.

Sports are generally considered one of the more egalitarian institutions, though some organizations had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming. Triathlon still has it's issues, in that there are fewer places for pro women than pro men in the championship race. But for age groupers, while people compete by gender and age group, we all line up and start together. It's a lot of fun to see all different people in the same race, even if some guys get all choked up about being chicked.

Generally, that line up and start together starts well before the race, when it comes time to sign up and pay. Our society is pretty firmly based on first come first served, though there are subtleties, and exceptions. Then the people running one triathlon brand decided to create a line cutting club, and enraged a bunch of people. I blogged about it at the time, and as far as I know they still have not taken my advice about a waiting list. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Lots of my race buddies are busy signing up for races. For them the races are an important motivational tool. Or they like to race. Or it's a chance to hang out with buddies. The races make the training worth it, even if they don't end up on the podium. I'm still not feeling the race love. Maybe after I get back from vacation, and some warm weather running.

After the great run yesterday, my legs stiffened up a little bit, even after the extra stretching session in the evening. I was a bit worried this morning, but once I was up and around it was all good. Did another core and stretching session today. Working on push ups and pigeon and other stuff.

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  1. Haha, how timely this post is. :) I am signing up for races now bc the popular ones are all gone the minute registration opens. The others are just planned...and more like fun runs.

    We really should run together sometime soon. After this month's bday extravaganza, I'll have a little more time.


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