Thursday, January 27, 2011

This might be a really bad time to blog

It was a beautiful day out today. Almost hot even. So I BBQ'd sausage for supper. With wine. Very good wine. Very, very good wine. I'd have had beer instead, but there wasn't any in the fridge. But the wine was good. Very good. Wait a minute, I think I've been here before. Besides, I'm thoroughly amused watching Coupling. The BBC version. It's one of the funniest shows ever to make it to television. So yes, I'm in a good mood, in case you were wondering. The real evidence is in the comments on SUAR's blog. Or a recent status update on FB by Tisha. Oh, and a couple emails, but mum's the word there, right? I sure hope so. To say NOTHING of a blog comment that none of you know how to find.

Things started out really well. DQ was in the pool today and we chatted a bit through our swim. Well, not that we swam together or anything, separate lanes and all, right and proper as it should be out in public and everything. Our breaks just happened to be a concurrent times, in adjacent lanes, and I think we were both in a chatty mood.

I digress. I was sharing a lane with 2 other people. One a floatie, and the other a slow thrashing swimmer-wanna be who was trying much too hard. I got into the groove right off and without even trying cracked out my fastest K since I started swimming again. Love it. Then lots of dolphin kick, some pull, a bit of drill till the lane cleared out. Then I got down to business. 100 m, not quite all out, but HARD! on 2:30. 87, 92, 95, 97. That was enough. My stroke was starting to get sloppy. Though it's coming back together at more moderate efforts, at least to the point I don't have to watch it every second. Cool down. Good swim. 1 hour.

Got the crap scared out of me on the way home. Told the story on Facebook. A truck and trailer combo parted ways while I was right beside it, westbound on Glenmore, right under Blackfoot. The trailer dropped down in a shower of sparks and started slewing sideways. I nearly crapped myself and bailed out into the merge lane. Fortunately it didn't flip or  anything drastic like that, though I'm glad I wasn't right behind it. My heart was going pitter patter, let me tell you!

Errands. Snack. Run. It's nice today, but not as nice as yesterday. I went 45 minutes, trying for an easy pace, and being careful on the ice. Lots and lots of ice. Warmed up with the leg stretches and an easy easy start. Walked after. I took my phone with me and recorded a bit of video while running. That will never ever see the light of day!

Later in the afternoon I was out chipping channels to get the huge puddles of water to drain from the bottom of the driveway and it was almost hot out. It totally would have been shorts and T shirt weather if I'd wait to run then.


  1. So scary about the truck and trailer. Glad you're all right and hope everyone else who was on the road are too.

  2. Thanks for the vague beginning to your post!

    I would have been freaked right out if a trailer/truck separated in front of me! Glad to hear you didn't get hurt at all.

  3. Okay, I had to go search out the comment you mentioned. Very funny.


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