Sunday, January 23, 2011

A doggy run

Just as well my buddy Susi wasn't running with me today. We'd still be out there. Seemed like I hit the peak of dog walking time today. That wasn't my intent. What I wanted to do was run while the ice and snow were still firm, and not all squishy. It's getting warm here, which means the roads and sidewalks are a sloppy enchilada during the day. A mess. There are some days I wished I lived in a place where once it got cold, it stayed that way till spring. Then I realized that means living in Edmonton, and thought better of it.

My leg has been feeling pretty good so I thought I'd go for a bit of a longer run today and not worry about pace so much. I picked this route, about 7.7 K. Started with some core and leg exercises for half an hour to warm up. It took a little while to settle in, then I was really pleased how it felt. There were a few niggles about 30 minute mark so I stopped very briefly to massage the knee and stretch a bit, then carried on. I got back to the house just under 58 minutes, then kept going to fill out the hour. Walked and chatted to a neighbour. Stretched.

Most of the run was low zone 3, and my leg felt pretty good throughout. Tried for an even, relaxed pace, mainly working with what made my legs happy. It was nice and sunny, and running through Fish Creek is always beautiful. It's almost warm, so I only wore tights, short sleeved tech shirt, and a bike jacket. No gloves or toque. After all, it was 2 C (36 F). If this keeps up we'll be in shorts and T shirts soon.

Then my fave massage therapist came over. For once no one thing was demanding attention, though there are a few sore spots in shoulders, mid back, hips, ITB, calves, and one foot. Pretty good, in other words. I credit being a lot more zealous about stretching after swimming. I use to just hop out of the water after my main set and hit the showers. Then I started doing some cool down afterward. Then I'd periodically stretch. Now I add in stretch time for every swim. There's one that is really good. Breath in and scrunch your shoulders up trying to tickle your ears. Then breathe out, relaxing your shoulders then pushing them down, and back and out all at the same time. Repeat.

Weekly Summary
Swim 5.0 hrs.
Bike 1.0 hrs
Run 1.5 hrs
Total cardio 7.5 hrs
Core 2.75 hrs.

I've let the core slip a bit last couple weeks and need to get back on that. I think my knee will let me do several bike and runs throughout the week, so I'll start trying that and see what happens. I think this is going to be a bit of a balancing act for a while, to work the knee and build it up while not re-injuring it.


  1. if i can add right, that's like 10.25 hours of cardo and core. you rock!!

  2. I like how you lament your 'minimal' core work. I haven't done core work in probably over a year and even then I probably maxed out at 15 minutes for the entire month.

    You shame me, sir. Thanks for that. :)

  3. It's pretty warm up here in Northern alberta as well for January!


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