Thursday, January 20, 2011

First warm run of the year

Back in the pool again this am, after sleeping like a rock last night. Slow warm up, still working on tweaking stroke. Lots of kick and pull. Dolphin kick is coming along to the point I've tried to do it for a whole length without fins; no speed records in danger there, I'll tell you. But doing a couple of dolphin kicks coming off a turn is beginning to feel more natural. Swam 1.5 hrs.

It's been warming up here, slowly and gradually, flirting with us. But it's finally warm here. I saw a guy walking past the house wearing shorts. Not a runner, not with that gut he isn't. My legs are feeling better so I did a half hour of leg exercises and headed out on my usual 5 K route. My legs felt a bit heavy, and there were a few niggles from my knee, but I carried on. Without working too hard I got back in 34 minutes. I'm happy with that. One of these days I'll have to get stuck in and go a little longer and see how that works out.

Walked and stretched after, though I was thinking of going for a longer walk. It's actually nice out, just above zero, though really windy in places. I'm not sure if it's blowing in the warm weather, or blowing in more crap weather, since there isn't a nice Chinook arch. I've got that pleasant feeling in my lungs that you get when you've worked them just right. Nice!

I've had a few people ask me about the dryland exercise I did to improve my flip turns. Maybe over the weekend I'll get Linda to video me doing it, and put it here. Looks odd, but it works.

Linda is off tomorrow, so we're likely to stay up late watching Torchwood. Or Sanctuary, I forget which we have out of the library. And drinking wine, yes. Which might make getting into the pool tomorrow a bit of a challenge.

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  1. I'd be interested in those dry land drills! Looking forward to the video.
    Glad to hear that your knee is tolerating more :)

    I swam yesterday and am also working on the mighty "tweak" of my stroke. We are going to be awesome next year!


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