Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I had to use the towel

The swim Tuesday was my long steady swim, 40 minutes all at once, but but I didn't count laps. It's certainly over 2K, maybe as much as 2.2K. Then 20 minutes of dolphin kick stuff, and a bit of pull. The pool was really quiet. I'm liking this.

From there I went to give blood. I have almost perfect blood (A-) so they are eager to see me. If I don't make an appointment, they'll call to remind me. Normally I feel really good after donating, but today I felt curiously limp. Shoveling the driveway left me breathless and tired. I'd been planning a bike and core workout, but to cut to the chase I didn't. Nor did I do much of anything else. I went to bed early.

I wasn't ready to get up on Wed but managed to drop Linda off at work. There wasn't even a thought of going to the pool. I went home, settled in with Amelia, and snoozed for 3 hours. (And no, G, Amelia wasn't faking it. Clearly you don't have cats. Cats never fake anything.)

From there I got started on the core. 100 crunches. 2x10 pushups. Other stuff. Leg exercises. Then onto the bike. After a nice warmup I settled in and started to push a little harder. I got into time trial gear -1 and managed to push pretty good. Toward the end of each set I was up around 95 rpm. I even did a bit of (gasp) one leg drill. My right knee didn't like that much, and there were some odd clicks I didn't care for at all. If I really clenched my quads and calf they stopped, but then I couldn't pedal worth crap.

Overall bike was 1.25 hrs, and is getting up to a moderate effort. Even though I could have gone on, I decided to get off when my knee started feeling tired. This is the hardest I've pushed it in some time. I was really happy to actually be working hard enough to have the sweat running down my face; that hasn't happened for a while. The towel on my bike was probably getting dusty. I don't know what my knee will think of the bike session at the swim camp. That will be longest I'll be on the bike since IMC. Come to think of it, I don't know what my butt will think of it.


  1. I had to use the towel

    Don't be dramatic. Tissues would work.

  2. Um ... just went back and read the actual post. It was not about what I assumed it was about. So ... ignore the "tissues" comment.

    It was when I got to this line - "today I felt curiously limp" - that I realized it couldn't be about what I had first thought.

    P.S.: If you decide to attempt to attack this limpness problem pharmacologically, remember: If the "cure" lasts for more than 4 hours, consult a physician.

  3. LMAO at G! I thought the post was going to be about locker room shenanigans. I confess to being slightly disappointed it wasn't. But kudos to you for working up a sweat again.

  4. So happy your knee is holding up for you! And I admire the dedication to your core - I need to work on this. Have fun at the swim camp, I can't wait to hear about it!

  5. OMG too funny G!!!

    And yes, cats never fake anything... they just leave if they don't like what's going on!


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