Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The inner shark is disappointed

Tuesday I was expecting the big resolutionista horde to be there, and my inner shark was ready to go. I didn't care what my work out was, since I'd adapt to whatever was going on in the lane, but it was going to be fast and hard. Any floaties in the fast lane would be shown no mercy. Well, maybe a little. But not much. They'd be passed ruthlessly, as often as possible. Grrrr.

What do I see when I get there? A couple of the regulars in the fast lanes. I joined them and banged out a 1.5 hr workout. 20 minute warmup. Lots of kick and pull. Stroke drill. My 100 m drill, where I try to be faster than 100 seconds, on 2 minutes, getting 6 done. I've started a kick drill where I kick both legs together, as if both feet were jammed into one pair of fins. I'm finding this is working my core and back muscles really hard. They need it. I'm also trying to train myself to take a couple of dolphin kicks after each turn. Habits are hard to break.

Oh, and I got a great compliment from the girl I was sharing the lane with! She asked how old I had been when I quit swimming competitively. She'd quit at 12 and was just getting back into it, and swims like a fish. I want to take flutter kick lessons from her. There's getting to be lots of fast regulars now, which is very nice.

Met a buddy for coffee, and drank waaayyyy too much of it. Three of Lazy Loaf and Kettle big cups. (and Neil, it was really good! hehehehe) I was a bit jittery the rest of the afternoon and evening. I'd been thinking about getting on the bike for a spin, but, well, I didn't. Good thing I'm not in serious training mode.

Wednesday, still no resolutionista hordes. Only 1 hour in the pool. Regular mix of stuff, interrupted by someone jumping into our lane just as I was coming in for a turn. Then she floundered into the next lane but I don't think she messed up Mr. Outboard. Chatted a bit with my buddy from Texas (I think), who works here. No IM for either of us next year!

Then off to my prolotherapy shots, with 9 cc going in this time. My knee felt really stiff afterward. I'm trying for gentle mobility around the house. The Dr says it's coming around really well, and I don't have a next appointment. So maybe I'm done!

Now we're back into Wednesday yoga class sessions. I'm looking forward to them. There's always some good stuff there.


  1. Glad to hear your knee is getting better! I'm hoping to get back in the pool this week - does that make me a resolutionista?

  2. 1-1/2 hour workout? Yowza!
    I don't know about your knee in particular, but I'll bet all of you is getting better :)

  3. Damn. 1.5 hours in the pool. You put me to shame.


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