Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post-camp swims

Monday was a write off. Even being careful I think I overdid it on the bike. It isn't so much my knee, but my whole leg is tired sore. At one point on the bike I realized I was all leaned over one way, presumably to make it easier on my right leg.

Tuesday wasn't a whole lot better, but I did get into the pool for 1.25 hours. Chatted to my buddies DQ and Mr. Outboard. Much of the workout involved thinking a lot about what I learned at swim camp, trying to build new habits. Reaching further forward is ok so far, just a bit tougher on the triceps. But getting those hands pointed downward FIRST before anything else is going to take a bit of doing. Drafted Mr. Outboard for a while as he was going easy, then he gradually pulled away as he picked up the pace.

Did a little bit of leg stretches and exercises, but wasn't getting carried away. I'm still tired, and my right leg is still cranky.

Wednesday was chatting to LWB and JA. L just did a half marathon and her IT bands are talking to her big time. JA was doing sprints, so once I was warmed up I offered to pace her to give her incentive to keep up. I pushed off, heading for a slightly faster pace than she had been doing. She touched my toes so I sped up a bit. She fell a bit behind on the flip turn but still ended up being faster than she's done, if I understand her correctly.

Part of the challenge of swimming is to break old patterns to swim faster by doing so in a burst or sprint. Then it suddenly becomes easier to swim that fast more and more. Only a few weeks ago a 93 second 100 m was a very strong pace for me. Today I did it several times while tinkering with my stroke, and not particularly trying to swim fast. One hour altogether.

My Chiro/ART guy went nuts with his Graston tool today. Talk about serious discomfort. It's all good for me in the long run, but I still have to get through it being done. I think it's going to be interesting the next while as I try to build the strength in my knee, yet not overdo it and injure myself again.

Yoga was good, though Savasana was difficult. I couldn't relax, thinking of lots of stuff.

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