Monday, January 10, 2011

Apricated again

It took a bit of doing to convince myself to slip out of the house and go for a swim this morning, especially since it was Canyon Meadows again. The early birds had cleared out so I got a lane to myself for a while. Warmed up, did lots of the dolphin kick drill, including a bit on the sides. That is coming along. Started my 100 m drill, and got 8 done on time, and was on the way to 9.

Floaties. Grrr. I was going back and forth up one side of my lane, swimming alone. This woman stood in the next lane and watched me do several of these. She joins in and decides to swim circles, and came up my lane as I was heading back for the last bit of 9. I'm really not sure if I was going to make it, but then I hadn't thought I'd make 8 and that was done with several seconds to spare. I ended up stopping to talk to her. She started by saying that she had watched, and I was going in circles the wrong way so it was my fault. Sigh. That broke my concentration for getting any more of them done.

Still, 8 is good. Several times I noticed myself tightening up and killing my stroke efficiency, then relaxed and got it back. I think I'm just at the tipping point where if you can do x many of something you've reached a stable place and can do lots of them.

She thrashed back and forth a bit till another woman joined us. I heard the story later but the new one kicked the old one out of the lane, and told her she was being inconsiderate. The new one was still a slow swimmer, but was much faster than the other. It took about 5 or 6 lengths to lap her compared to less than 3 for the other one. I finished up my hour and headed home.

Our main activity was to take down our Christmas tree. It normally comes down on the 5th or 6th, but we were enjoying it, and had other stuff on the go so we didn't mind leaving it. Somehow, we have more ornaments to go back into the boxes than came out of them.

I was seriously considering going for a run, since it had got to be fairly nice out. After thinking about it I decided that I want to give my knee a bit of recovery time. Lately has been once or twice a week, so I think going to every other day will balance rest and activity in a happy making way.

After a lunch snack I settled in to read a bit. Amelia snuggled in. The sun is warm in our front window. The inevitable happened and it was good.


  1. Amelia snuggled in. The sun is warm in our front window. The inevitable happened and it was good.

    Yikes! Do I even want to KNOW what the inevitable is?

    My vote?


    Also, just because it was good FOR YOU doesn't mean Amelia wasn't faking it.

  2. I had a completely different scenario in mind as I read that and it included a very innocent nap and NONE of what G was alluding to...

    Anyway, I don't know how you do the swimming thing. I would get so frustrated with other people (or they'd get frustrated with me). I suspect this is why I've never taken to swimming...

  3. Ahhh floaties will they ever learn?

    I knew exactly what you were referring to- appears G has a dirty mind!


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